Public Toilets to Compressed Bio Gas

Jan Oorja is a Green Energy Consortium formed to solve Environment & Sanitation Challenges of India.

Objective: To generate Bio Gas  from Public Toilets, compress & bottle it into what is popularly known as Bio CNG or Bio Methane and supply it to Industries, State Corporations & Fuel Distributors.

To Make More & More Toilets with the Money earned and replace the fossil fuels with clean Green Fuel for powering industries & Automotive Vehicles

Phase 2 : To take all the Sewage from the Ineffective Sewage Treatment Plants ( STP’s) at Banks of holy rivers Yamuna & Ganga,  produce Bio CNG from it.

Let India reclaim the sparkling clean pure water of its Holy rivers by injuncting pollution at its very Root. Use the High quality Bio Fertilizer, which is the Bi-Product of Biogas Production, to cure the excessively Polluted river Banks which produce cancer Crops.


5 Benefits of  Jan Oorja Program for Nation Building:

  1. Better Sanitation & Cleanliness
  2. Sustainable Revenue Generation for Swachh Bharat Mission                                                       
  3. Reduced Air Pollution due to Bio CNG ( 90% Lesser Green House gases)
  4. Tremendous Employment & Skill Development Opportunities
  5. Proactive Cleaning & Purification of Yamuna & Ganga at source and reinstating fertility, removing carcinogens at the River Banks